To tackle ever-shifting environments, today’s leadership must be fluent in change culture.


Board Development

Leadership faces unique realities in today’s market place.  An effective board structure ensures organizational relevance and responsiveness to current opportunities and challenges.


Service areas include:

  • Assessment

  • Executive Board Development and Planning

  • New Member Recruitment

  • Orientation

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Structure

Leadership Coaching & Advising

We provide independent counsel and expertise to executive and administrative leadership to optimize opportunities, offset internal or external challenges and leverage best practices.  It’s particularly challenging for organizations that are locked in tradition, protocols and administrative roles that haven’t been revitalized in years.  We help executives and administrators build a leadership brand that will transform institutional challenges and obstacles into potential and opportunity. 


Service areas include:

  • Administrative Systems

  • Aligning Staff with Institutional Priorities

  • Balancing Institutional Challenges (Internal and External)

  • Creating a Dynamic Workplace

  • Leveraging Strategic Communications

  • Organizational Chart Enhancement

New Job Success Plans

Optimizing the transition time for quick and sustainable success in a new role can be achieved with a 30-60-90 day New Job Success Plan.   Whether new to the organization, or advancing into a new role, our Success Plans cultivate seamless transition and integration, cohesive priority setting and measurable goal achievement.  Appropriate for institutional leadership, key administrators, our leadership coaching is always 1:1 and confidential.  We will help you make an early impact, accelerate your understanding of the organizational culture and quickly earn your coworkers support. 

Succession, Interim & Transition Planning

Leadership change signals a significant moment for all of the constituencies engaged in an organization.  It can also be leveraged to spark a new or different direction for the organization.  Our confidential planning services align competency needs with existing and future talent along with a communications platform to optimize the effect and gain of leadership change. 

Service areas include:

  • New Leadership

  • Rising Leadership Cultivation

  • Interim Leadership Plan

  • Setting the stage for Leadership Change

  • Unplanned Leadership Change needed