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Stronger People

We help leaders find solutions for today’s workplace challenges.  Together, we will work on messaging and strategies that fit your personal brand and build your professional presence.   We can collaborate face-to-face, virtually, or a hybrid of both.  You will leave our working meetings with tactical notes to guide and inform clear, confident next steps. 

Each person, personality, role, challenge, and opportunity is unique.    Let us help you answer the question “How do I….?” 


A Teaching/Learning Approach

Recent client work includes strategies to:

  • Communicate critical change 

  • Transform a team from lackluster to high performing

  • Cultivate your team's growth mindset 

  • Manage a difficult boss or colleague

  • Strengthen communication strategies to build your professional presence

  • Reshape the organizational chart for efficiency and efficacy

  • Create shared, understood, responsive priorities

  • Begin a mid-level or executive job search

  • Update resume

  • Strategize a strong interview

  • Craft a new job 90-day success plan 

Individuals: Services


“Cathy's coaching has made an enormous difference in my career and in my confidence as both a leader and a manager.  She brings strategic thinking, and sharp intuition, coupled with compassion and understanding, to every conversation.  I appreciate how quickly and fully she understands the challenges and opportunities that I describe.  Our time together is efficient and effective - always.  She consistently delivers advice, insight, coaching, and a lot of fresh thinking in the areas that are most critical for my growth.    Cathy’s executive coaching has been the most significant source of professional growth and development for me over the last five years.” 

 -Director of Advancement, Independent School

"What I love about Cathy's style is that she asks lots of probing and insightful questions and listens carefully to my responses.  She then offers a critical lens.  She is like an experienced personal trainer at the gym that pushes you hard to get results and your workout becomes far more effective than anything you can do on your own."

-Business Development Executive, Financial Services

"I have been working with Cathy as I transitioned into a leadership role in a highly matrixed organization.  Cathy was instrumental in helping me truly understand my strengths as a leader - and helping me leverage them to build a new team and establish priorities for the organization.  Cathy's advice was key in helping me navigate potential challenges or 'watch-out' moments in my critical first few months in the role."

-Head of Marketing, Investor-owned Energy Company

"Cathy is both a keen listener and a strategic thinker.  She challenges presumptions and presents other perspectives for consideration.  She gently but firmly pushes you to embrace new possibilities and find creative solutions to complex situations.  At the end of a conversation with Cathy, I feel energized and equipped with an action plan and path forward."

-Director of Development, Arts Organization

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